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Shipping and Refund Policy


 - In the rare case that a coral comes DOA (Dead On Arrival), pictures must be sent to within 24 hours of arrival.

- We are not responsible for checking your weather in advance. Please be aware of the weather in your area to avoid delays as we are not responsible for delayed orders. 

- DOA replacements will be sent with your next order. Credit is used for live stock only.

- We are not responsible for any delays.

- Shipping will not be refunded or included in credit.

- All of our livestock do not require a signature upon delivery. Please be alert and at the destination when your package arrives.

- WE DO NOT OFFER REFUNDS! If a customer purchases a coral and requests to be refunded, store credit will be issued for the amount (minus shipping).

- Some corals may be subject to a healing time period. PLEASE BE PATIENT! We do not want to risk the corals not surviving.

- Shipping is free over $500. Exclusions include any package of coral that would need to be shipped in anything over a 14" x 10" box.